Roses – Online Tuition

Have you ever struggled to paint roses, wondering how to capture the masses of overlapping petals?  I hope to help you with my online tuition for painting roses using a loose wet-in-wet watercolour technique.

Tuition contents:

  • Permanent access to 3 videos:
  • Ongoing help by email should you have any questions and/or critique on work
  • Free monthly email with watercolour hints and tips

Link and password emailed after payment received.

What you will learn:

Video 1:  Rosebud.  Demonstration of a first wet-in-wet wash followed by building detail to enhance and define the petals.

Video 2: Peach roses.  Demonstration of how to lift pigment and work from start to finish using a wet-in-wet wash.

Video 3: Bunch roses.  “Sped up” video demonstrating painting a larger bunch of roses using all the techniques demonstrated.


Please don’t worry if you don’t have all these colours.  I would definitely recommend having an experiment with the paints you already have in your palette.

Raw Sienna (Daler Rowney)
Quinacridone Magenta (Daler Rowner)
Lemon Yellow (Daler Rowney)
Permanent Mauve (Daler Rowney)
Ultramarine Blue (Daler Rowney)
Alizarin Crimson (Daler Rowney)
Cadmium Orange (Daler Rowney)
Cadmium Red (Daler Rowney)
Undersea Green (Daniel Smith)
Moonglow (Daniel Smith)
Rose of Ultramarine (Daniel Smith)

Other Materials

Watercolour paper – Saunders Waterford 300gsm NOT High white
Brushes flat 1″, 14, 6, 2 and rigger
Kitchen towel