Dragonflies – online tuition

Would you like to have a go at painting dragonflies, enjoying the flow of watercolour to create their lovely transparent wings?   I hope to help you with my online tuition for painting dragonflies using a loose wet-in-wet watercolour technique.

Tuition contents:

  • Permanent access to 3 videos:
  • Ongoing help by email should you have any questions and/or critique on work
  • Free monthly email with watercolour hints and tips

Link and password emailed after payment received.

What you will learn:

Video 1:  Choosing Blues.  A short 5 minute, fun, warm-up exercise to help you experiment and choose your colours.

Video 2:  Air beneath wings.  A 10 minute video to demonstrate show how to use the flow of the pigment to create the lovely transparent wings.

Video 3:  At water’s edge.  A 17 minute video to show painting a dragonfly with a more elaborate background, hinting at the water’s edge.


Please don’t worry if you don’t have all these colours.  I would definitely recommend having an experiment with the paints you already have in your palette.

1. Helio Turquoise (Schminke)
2. Pthalo Turquoise (Daler Rowney)
3. Permanent Mauve (Daler Rowney)  
4. Undersea Green (Daniel Smith)
5.  Indigo (Daler Rowney)
6.  Colbalt Teal Blue (Daniel Smith)
7.  Quinacradone Magenta (Daler Rowney)
8.  Burnt Sienna (Daler Rowney)
9.  Ultramarine Blue (Daler Rowney)
10. Raw Sienna (Daler Rowney)

Other Materials

Masking fluid
Watercolour paper – Saunders Waterford 300gsm NOT High white
Brushes round, 14, 4/6, 2 and rigger
Kitchen towel