How to commission a pet portrait

Commissioning a pet portrait couldn’t be simpler.  This can be your dog, cat or absolutely anything really – I just need a good photo!

First step

Email some photos to

You may already have the perfect one.  If not, here are few ideas to help capture a great image for me to paint from:

  • Taking a photo outside with natural light can really help to bring out colours.  But indoors is fine too as I can work well with a selection of photos to get a good feel for colours.
  • Crouching down to be at eye level with your pet can be good.  If they are camera shy, or unwilling to pose, maybe have someone behind you offering a treat.
  • Unless it is an effect that you would like, avoid getting too close for the photo – the camera lens can distort the image and, for example, make the nose look bigger.

Second step

After I have had a chance to have a good look at the photos,  I’ll email back with suggestion for size and to discuss composition.  I’ll let you know roughly how long it will take.  Pricing is per the website – starting from £85 for an 30 x 20cm size.  Postage is extra – £8.50 for watercolour, £13 for acrylic.

I can paint either using watercolour on paper, or acrylic on canvas.  A watercolour would need to be framed behind glass.  An acrylic painting will be ready to hang on the wall.

Third step

Over to me!  This is where the fun begins and I can really start to work on bringing the essence of the subject in to the piece of artwork, something I truly love.

Fourth step

I email a picture of the finished artwork and we then discuss dispatch of the painting to you and finalise payment.  I don’t usually take any form of payment upfront and there is absolutely no obligation with the artwork at all.  I am happy to say that, in the 20 years of painting, I can’t think of anyone who has not liked the painting.